"Horison" goes beyond being just a porcelain slab; it's a testament to sophistication and individualized artistry. Crafted with a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, "Horison" opens the door to transforming your living space into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, tailored to your unique vision.

Each "Horison" porcelain slab serves as a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting your creativity and style to shape it into a work of art. What truly distinguishes "Horison" is its unparalleled level of personalization. Each piece is a pristine surface, ready to become a textured canvas that narrates your story.

Our skilled artisans bring their expertise to life by meticulously handcrafting fine and narrow gold and platinum effects, fashioning a textured surface that oozes opulence. These precious metal accents catch and play with light, creating a symphony of brilliance and depth, adding both tactile and visual luxury to your space.

Product Info

Size:120 x 280 /60 x 120

Surface:Matte /Full Digital Texture /Precious Metal

Download Catalog:MoonWalk 2023
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