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Famarella at Milan Design Week 2024: Unveiling the Aqua Concept


This year, at Milan Design Week 2024, Famarella is proud to present an extraordinary exploration of design, creativity, and innovation through our pioneering “Aqua Concept” showcased at the prestigious Archiproduct Showroom. As we navigate through the currents of design and artistry, we invite you to immerse yourself in an experience where every detail is inspired by the fluid beauty and infinite possibilities of water.

Aqua Concept By Studiopepe In Archiproducts Milan Showroom

Water, in its limitless forms and expressions, stands as the cornerstone of Famarella’s design philosophy for this illustrious event. From the serene whispers of a fall to the majestic depths of the oceans, our “Aqua Concept” encapsulates the essence of water in all its forms. Our designers, in collaboration with Studio Pepe and inspired by the illustrious pool paintings of David Hockney, have sculpted a collection that vibrates with the tranquility, dynamism, and the intrinsic beauty of water. This series of unparalleled designs embodies the fluidity, harmony, grace, and formidable power of water, inviting onlookers into a world where design transcends the ordinary.

David Hockney

Experience the Essence of Water with Famarella’s Exclusive Designs in Via Tortona, 31 at the Archiproduct Showroom.

Immerse in the bespoke elegance of Famarella’s Aqua Concept—decorative porcelain slabsthat transform your interiors. Each carefully crafted slab is an open invitation to bring the serene and sophisticated essence of water into your living space, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details.

Introducing Our Aquatic Masterpieces;
Our journey through water’s myriad inspirations has culminated in the creation of exceptional designs that form the core of the Aqua Concept:

Fall Whisper : A homage to the gentle murmurs of cascading streams, blending subtlety with elegance.
Oceanica : Capturing the boundless beauty and depth of the ocean’s heart.
Grace : Reflecting the serene flow of water, embodying its calm and soothing presence.
Ocean and Rain in Harmony : A symphony of designs that portrays the harmonious relationship between the ocean’s vastness and the ephemeral nature of rain.
Dream: An exploration of water’s whimsical and untamed aspects, inviting one to dream beyond the horizons.
Outrance: Outrance merges artistry with audacity, embodying freedom and the spirit of untamed waters.

Design Your Dream with Famarella Craft Your Vision: Design Your Dream with Famarella’s Custom Elegance.

At the heart of Famarella’s presentation at Milan Design Week 2024 lies our bespoke “Design Your Dream” service with Decorative porcelain slabs, a testament to our commitment to 100% customization. This service empowers architects, designers, and dreamers alike to bring their unique visions to life, with water serving as a muse for creation. Whether it’s through the lens of our ready designs or a completely bespoke creation, Famarella stands ready to navigate the uncharted waters of design, guided by your vision.



Join Us on This Voyage

Famarella invites you to embark on this journey with us at the Archiproduct Showroom during Milan Design week 2024 in Brera District Fuorisalone Discover how the elemental beauty of water has inspired a collection that not only reflects our commitment to innovation and design excellence but also showcases our dedication to creating spaces that resonate deeply with the narratives of nature and imagination.


For more information on our participation, the Aqua Concept, and our “Design Your Dream” with decorative porcelain slabs service, please visit Famarella   or contact us at +3905361820370 . Dive into the world of Famarella, where every design tells the story of water’s everlasting influence on creativity and beauty.

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